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what is

peaceful parenting?


Peaceful Parenting is a non-punitive, connection-based parenting philosophy. It’s a parenting with vs. parenting to approach where connection with your children is top priority. A peaceful parent honors their children and their autonomy.

The work of a peaceful parent is two-fold. It involves deep self-reflection on the part of the parent. It also involves tangible ways in which we can relate to and interact with our children.


Life is better when there is room for a bit of mess and laughter.

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Hi, I’m Sarah.
mama to twins + peaceful parenting coach -

I help amazing women become the Mama they really want to be and cultivate deep connection with their littles while shifting the energy in the home to be that of peace, connection, and love.

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Mama, I've Got You.


Check it. This guidebook is full of tips, ideas, and suggestions that are based on what works and has worked for me along my journey of peaceful parenting.
These tips will serve you if you…

want to stop snapping at your kids

want your kids to cooperate without the fight

want to cultivate real patience

are ready to take back control of your life


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